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Foothills Solar Field

Make the Switch to Renewable Energy! 

Whether you're a resident, small business or large corporation, all customers that purchase electricity from the City of Loveland can make the switch to clean, renewable energy! When you make the switch, you are supporting an alternative to fossil fuels. GreenSwitch is sold in 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) blocks. For each block of GreenSwitch energy that you purchase, $2.80 will be added to your monthly utility bill. You can purchase as many GreenSwitch energy blocks as you need to cover your household's usage.

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GreenSwitch Source Mix

Currently, 100% of Loveland's renewable energy for GreenSwitch comes from wind power. This mix can change from year to year, and GreenSwitch subscribers are notified of changes to both the energy source mix and pricing prior to those changes going into effect. A complete list of the resources included in the GreenSwitch energy mix can be found in the GreenSwitch Product Content Label.

Calculate How Many Blocks of GreenSwitch Energy You Should Purchase

  1. Add up the amount of electricity you used over the past 12 months and divide by 12.
  2. (Let's say you used 8,625 kWh last year, your monthly average would be 718 kWh.)


  3. Then, divide the monthly average by 100 (the number of kWh per GreenSwitch block) to determine how many blocks of renewable energy you should purchase.
  4. (If you used an average of 718 kWh per month, you would need to purchase 7 blocks of GreenSwitch energy to cover your usage. 7 blocks of GreenSwitch would add $19.60 to your monthly bill.)

Green-e Energy Certified

GreenSwitch is Green-e Energy Certified, and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions.

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GreenSwitch FAQs

  • How much electricity does the average home in Loveland use?

    According to the LWP annual fact sheet, the average Loveland home uses 669 kWh of electricity per month. A home using 669 kWh per month would spend an additional $19.60 per month for seven block of GreenSwitch renewable energy. 
  • How will I be billed for GreenSwitch?

    GreenSwitch will be listed on your City of Loveland utility bill as an additional line item. You will be billed at $2.80 for each 100 kWh block of GreenSwitch renewable energy purchased.
  • How will my electric bill be calculated?

    You will be charged the standard residential electric rate, plus $2.80 for every 100 kWh GreenSwitch block you purchase. A per KWh payment-in-lieu-of-taxes charge will be added to your monthly bill. 
  • What fuel sources will be used to generate my power?

    Please see the GreenSwitch Product Content Label, which is updated annually. 
  • What is the penalty for terminating my GreenSwitch subscription?

    There is no penalty for terminating your GreenSwitch subscription. 
  • What length of subscription is required?

    Loveland Water and Power requests a 12-month commitment when subscribing to GreenSwitch. A 30-day termination period is required. 
  • Will my electric rates change over time?

    Rates may change each year as the costs of generating noncarbon energy sources change. Rate changes take effect January 1 of each year. GreenSwitch subscribers are notified of rate increases before they take effect and are given the opportunity to change subscription levels if they wish to do so. 
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