Post/Porch Lights

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Post/Porch Light

City Owned Post/Porch Lights

Like magic, residential post lights, also called porch/yard lights, turn on at dusk and off at dawn in most Loveland neighborhoods. In 1935, the City of Loveland began using unmetered post/porch lights to provide most residential street lighting. In August 1997, the City discontinued the post/porch light program. All new developments must now have street lighting. If a home is built and the owners want a post/porch light, the homeowner pays for the installation, fixture and electricity.

What Does the City Provide?

The City of Loveland Water and Power Department continues to provide the fuse and unmetered electricity for post/porch lights in subdivisions where the electrical design was completed prior to August 4, 1997. Loveland Water and Power maintains the photocell if it is located on the meter housing. The homeowner maintains the photocell if it is on the fixture or post.

What Kind of Bulb Should I Buy if I Have an Unmetered Post/Porch Light?

Use only a 40-watt light bulb in your unmetered post/porch light. Do not use larger wattage light bulbs, plug in power tools or connect Christmas lights to the unmetered post/porch light outlet.

What Should I Do if My Post/Porch Light is Not Working? 

If your light is not working, try replacing the bulb. Test the new light in an indoor socket to be sure that it works. If the post/porch light still does not work, call (970) 962-2111 to report the problem. You can expect repairs, for which the City is responsible, to be made in two to five working days.

There is a live wire that runs from the meter box to the fixture. Call us at (970) 962-2111 to remove the fuse first so you can safely replace the photocell on your fixture or post. Or, you can hire an electrician to remove the fuse and change the photocell for you.