Citizen Participation in Council Meeting

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Citizen Participation in Council Meetings

The City encourages citizens to participate in City Council meetings. The Mayor presides over the meeting using an agenda. Citizens may address the council as each agenda item is presented in the meeting. Three minutes are allowed for each speaker. Council may extend the time if the speaker is representing a group.

If a citizen wishes to speak on an item that is on the Consent Agenda*, they can ask that the particular item be pulled from the Consent Agenda. The Mayor will ask if anyone in the audience wishes to pull an item from the Consent Agenda.  If an item is pulled from the Consent Agenda, it will be considered at the beginning of the Regular Agenda. Citizens will be allowed 3 minutes to speak on that particular item unless speaking for a group.

If citizens wish to address Council related to an issue not on the agenda for that meeting, they can do so when the Mayor announces the agenda item: “Public Comment”. It is not necessary to sign up before the meeting. The Mayor will ask if anyone in the audience wishes to speak on an item that is not listed on the agenda. Council allows 3 minutes per citizen unless they are speaking for a group. Please remember that this is only for items that are not on the agenda.

* The consent agenda contains a series of agenda items that are generally considered routine and are not controversial. They are considered as a whole to conduct business expeditiously. Each item is listed separately on the agenda to ensure that notice is provided and that any council member or citizen has the opportunity to pull the item from the Consent Agenda for discussion.