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Adams, Steve

Stephen C. Adams was appointed City Manager of Loveland in July, 2016. Prior to his appointment, Steve served as Loveland's Water and Power Director. During his 40-year career, he had opportunities to work on three continents with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, a private consulting firm and other municipalities. While his City of Loveland experience officially began in 1987, his call to active military duty sent him to Africa, Iraq during Desert Storm, and Germany. Steve's return to Loveland in 1994 was driven by a desire to reunite with a community and a dedicated, caring staff that he had come to love.

As City Manager, Steve is the chief executive officer of the City, appointed by City Council. The City Manager is responsible for execution of the City Council policies, directives, and legislative action. The City Manager, and all the employees reporting to him, are also responsible for making professional recommendations to the City Council within their areas of expertise and responsibility.

City policies are developed in accordance with the values of the organization, with particular emphasis on fairness, openness, and transparency. All residents and businesses in Loveland have access to their elected and appointed officials.

All City staff report to the City Manager, except the Municipal Court and the City Attorney's Office. It is the City Manager's responsibility to integrate the talents of all department heads within a common vision that enables the organization to deliver service based on City Council direction. This management team works together to create an environment that encourages innovation, creativity, and growth. The City Manager's Office encourages management and every employee to hold each other accountable for achieving excellence.

Many organizations external to the organization help to shape the community and set the path for the future. The City Manager is responsible for coordinating relationships with other agencies, such as federal, state, county and other municipalities, other non-profit organizations, City of Loveland Boards and Commissions, and businesses and other private agencies.

We value our relationships and partnerships with all these organizations.

The City strives for excellence in its services. We are here to serve the public and view that as a trust and a calling, not simply a job.

Stephen C. Adams, City Manager
(970) 962-2306

Rod Wensing, Deputy City Manager
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Justine Bruno, Assistant to the City Manager
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Tom Hacker, Public Information Officer
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Jenell Cheever, Executive Coordinator
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City of Loveland
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