Development Center

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410 East 5th Street
Loveland, CO 80537
Planning: 970-962-2523   Building: 970-962-2505



What is the Development Center?

The Development Center (also called the DC) is a place that unites the Development Review Team, helping to facilitate the needs of our customers. The Development Review Team consists of representatives from the following divisions: Planning, Transportation and Development Review (TDR), Water & Wastewater, Stormwater, Power, Fire, Building, Parks & Rec, and Economic Development.   

The Development Center is home to Planning , Building, TDR, and Fire. However, reviewers from other divisions maintain regular hours at the DC. Our goal is to centralize project development, expedite and streamline our processes, and create a great experience for all of our customers!


Mission and Vision:

Through communication, collaboration and cooperation, the Development Review Team is committed to building a great community. By becoming partners with the development community and seeking customer input to change and create policies, the Development Review Team will work to create a collaborative culture with the community and across all Departments and Divisions.

 Picture of DC Logo and mural