About Municipal Court

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       The Loveland Municipal Code is a codification of the General Ordinances of the City of Loveland. It is unlawful for any person to violate, disobey, omit, neglect, refuse, or fail to comply with or resist the enforcement of any provision of the Code. 

      Common Code violations handled in Municipal Court are: 
                                Disorderly Conduct 
                                Underage Consumption/Possession of Alcohol 
                                Possession of Marijuana by a Person under the age of 21 
                                Public Intoxication 
                                Possession of Drug Paraphernalia 
                                Animal at Large 
                                Disturbance the Peace 
                                Public Nuisance 
                                Public Intoxication 

     If you were issued a Summons and Complaint (ticket) for an alleged violation of the City Code, there is a date noted on the left-hand corner of your ticket; that is your “arraignment” date. During the arraignment, you may enter a Guilty or No Contest Plea, a Not Guilty Plea, speak with the Assistant City Prosecutor about a possible plea agreement, or request a pretrial conference or reasonable continuance of the case.   


      If you fail to appear at the arraignment, a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest and an appropriate bond will be attached to the warrant. If the offense is traffic-related, a “hold” will also be placed on your driver’s license through the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

      If you have been charged with a Code violation you are entitled to a bench or a jury trial. A bench trial is before the judge and a jury trial is before a panel of 3-6 Loveland city residents. If you enter a Not Guilty plea at the arraignment, your case will be set for trial. 

    Be sure to check your ticket for the correct court.  If your ticket is “pink” or a white E-ticket, you belong in Loveland Municipal Court. If your ticket is “blue” then you belong in Larimer County Court.