Advisement of Rights

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Gavel and Books



1. The right to remain silent; anything you say can be used against you.
2. The right to an arraignment in open court.
3. The right to be given a full explanation of the charges against you.
4. The right to a reasonable continuance of your case.
5. The right to a presumption of innocence, which continues until the city can prove every element of the charge beyond a reasonable. Doubt.
6. The right to be represented by an attorney of your own choosing.
7. The right to a trial by a judge on a plea of not guilty.
8. The right to present witnesses on your behalf and the right to have subpoenas issued by the court at no cost to you.
9. The right to establish a factual basis of your plea.
10. The right to cross-examine prosecution witnesses.
11. The right to testify or not testify on your behalf as you choose.
12. The right to appeal the court’s decision.
13. The right to make a statement to the court in explanation of a plea of guilty or no contest.
Your plea must be a voluntary plea, not the result of any threat or coercion.

A plea of guilty or nolo contendere gives up the rights above, except the right to make an explanation.

If a trial is requested, it will be on another day.