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• Encourage: Accountability to the Court and the City  •  Empower: Self-Sufficiency 

• Educate: Connect Offenders to Resources                       





To provide Municipal Court offenders, who are homeless or experiencing situational crisis a sentence that encourages personal accountability, improves quality of life and promotes law-abiding citizens.  



Jumpstart is a sentencing alternative designed to address the unique challenges associated with the City of Loveland's homeless population and individuals who are experiencing situational crisis. Rather than using traditional sentencing options (fines, useful public service,incarceration, and classes), Loveland Municipal Court and the City’s non-profit agencies work together to educate Municipal Court offenders about the numerous resources that are available throughout Loveland. Jumpstart provides an offender the opportunity to obtain, among other things, an education, employment and housing. Offenders can improve their life, gain a sense of pride, and be accountable to the Court for violating city ordinances.


Jumpstart begins with the offender pleading guilty to a City ordinance or traffic infraction. The Court sentences the offender to participate in and successfully complete Jumpstart. The offender works with the case manager to develop an action plan that identifies the offender’s needs. The offender is partnered with the City’s non-profit resources to apply for and receive the various resources. It is the offender’s responsibility to navigate the action plan, obtain the services that are available and report their progress to the Court each month.


Once the offender completes their action plan, there is an in-depth, meaningful dialogue between the offender and the Court. This discussion focuses on the offender’s successes and challenges. Once the Court is satisfied that the offender has obtained the resources, the offender is recommended for graduation by the case manager. The average time for an offender to complete Jumpstart is 3-6 months.

In a non-traditional approach, each offender is personally congratulated by the Presiding Municipal Judge. They are publicly acknowledged and celebrated with a certificate of completion.