Traffic Offenses

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    The City of Loveland adopted the 2003 Model Traffic Code for Colorado. A person who has been charged with a traffic infraction is not entitled to a jury trial or court-appointed counsel because jail is not a possible penalty.

    Most traffic infractions that are four (4) points or less qualify as “penalty assessments” and can be handled without the person charged having to appear in court.  Penalty assessments allow for early payment of the fine, fees, and court costs, as well as a reduction in the points. This information is on the ticket.

    Certain traffic infractions and offenses are more commonly charged than others by law enforcement. Some of these can be amended to a lesser charge and points reduced through a plea agreement with the City Attorney. In Loveland Municipal Court, anyone who appears at their arraignment is given the opportunity to speak with an Assistant City Attorney to discuss plea agreements, driver’s license points, and police reports.

    The most common traffic infractions and offenses that are charged in the City of Loveland are:

                                Careless Driving 
                                Exceeding Speed for Conditions 
                                Failure to Obey Traffic Control 
                                Failure to Yield Right of Way 
                                Failure to Stop at an Intersection 
                                No Proof of Insurance


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