City of Loveland

City of Loveland Public Information Office
500 E. Third Street
Loveland, CO 80537

Tom Hacker, Public Information Officer
Phone: 970 962-2302

Mission of the Public Information Office:

To provide timely and accurate information on City of Loveland government; its programs, policies, issues, actions and events.

Keeping Loveland informed in a variety of ways:

Press Releases

The Public Information Office regularly produces and distributes press releases on City government news, events and activities. Press releases are also prepared and sent independently through other City offices.


City Update Newsletter 
City Update is delivered to approximately 39,000 Loveland residences and businesses monthly. Every edition includes a primary focus on an issue, activity or event that is important to the Loveland community. City Update is produced by the Public Information staff and delivered with monthly utility bills. It is cited by citizens as the most-often-read communication vehicle from the City.

City Update cover

Instagram (coming soon!)

The City's Instagram site is a visual showcase of videos and photos highlighting City events, activities, programs and news.

 Instagram logo


Residents can get brief informational messages on the latest City government news and events by following the City of Loveland Twitter page. Click here for more information on the City's Social Media outlets.




The City's official YouTube page contains a variety of informational videos on City government, news, events and programs. Click here for more information on the City's Social Media outlets.




The City's official Facebook page is another great way to find out about the latest news and events happening at the City of Loveland. Click here for more information on the City's Social Media outlets.



City Infoline--962-2020

962-2020 is the City's official phone information line. Messages are recorded and available to the public in the event of an emergency, special situation or to inform the public of developments due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. For more information on City emergency/special situation communications tools and resources, click here.


Channel 16 Programming 
The City's cable Channel 16 TV station broadcasts live City Council and Planning Commission meetings as well as a number of pre-recorded video productions that provide health, educational and safety information for the community. Slides announcing special events and City program information run between scheduled programming. 
 City of Loveland Television - Channels 16 & 880
City Website 
The City's website contains up-to-date news on City government and events, as well as comprehensive information on City departments, policies and programs. 
1610 AM Radio
The 1610 AM radio station broadcasts messages regarding road construction and events to area visitors and residents. 1610 radio is a vital community communication tool and is relied upon to disseminate important information in the event of an emergency or special situation.
 1610 AM Radio
Community Surveys 
The Public Information Office annually sends out a Quality of Life survey to 3,000 Loveland addresses, seeking citizens' opinions on the value and quality of City services.
Community Survey
Emergency Response Call Center
The Public Information Office has established an Information Call Center for use in the event of an emergency to gather and disseminate information through the City's website, social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), Channel 16, 1610 AM radio, press releases, the City Infoline--962-2020 and e-mail.
Joint Information Center

Red Flag

As part of the Public Information Office's commitment to emergency preparedness, the Red flag list was created. It contains the contact information for regional Public Information Officers and is hosted and maintained by the City of Loveland.

Red Flag

Emergency Communications Training
The Public Information Office is involved in emergency communications discussions, drills and training including exercises at the Emergency Operations Center, emergency information workshops and FEMA training.

Emergency Communications