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Pedestrian Underpasses are an Important Part of Loveland’s Trail System

Underpasses allow for the separation of vehicle traffic from bicyclists and pedestrians, enhancing and improving pedestrian safety, promoting alternative modes of transportation and improving  pedestrian connectivity.

Lottery Dollars Not Available for Underpasses

Loveland has been fortunate to receive Colorado lottery dollars to fund many miles of trails city-wide. Unfortunately, trail underpasses cannot be funded with lottery dollars. 

Proposal Includes New Underpasses Citywide

There are a total of eight pedestrian underpasses under arterial roads within Loveland that need to be constructed. These are located at:

  • North Wilson Avenue
  • Namaqua Road
  • County Road 11C
  • Boise Avenue by Big T Ditch
  • Boise Avenue along the Big Thompson River
  • Railroad at 57th Avenue (Sunset Vista)
  • Rossum Drive
  • North Taft Avenue


Estimated Total Cost

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