Loveland Broadband Initiative

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Exploring the possibilities

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More than four out of five Loveland voters on Election Day 2015 decided the City should join other Colorado communities in overriding a State law banning local governments from acting to provide telecommunication services such as high-speed Internet to citizens.

Loveland voters' message was clear

The election did  not chart a course. Rather, it opened a door.

City staff and community members now can explore options in making high-speed broadband internet service available to Loveland residents, businesses and schools. Whether that decision is made, and what form it takes, depends on an inquiry that will engage the entire community during 2016.

We begin our process mindful of four requirements that any new broadband Internet system be:

• Inclusive. The service must be available to all homes, businesses, schools, non-profit groups, health service providers and other users within Loveland.
• Fast. Any broadband system must deliver service at the rate of one gigabit per second, 10 to 100 times faster than almost all currently available services.
• Reliable. The service must accommodate diverse uses, from home entertainment to business, education and health care, with unfailing availability.
 bank • Affordable. Our efforts have the goal of delivering broadband service to all at a reasonable cost, regardless of how broadband service is used.

Broadband Information for the June 27, 2017 Loveland City Council Session:

Broadband Information for the Oct. 25, 2016 Loveland City Council Study Session:

Task Force Meeting Minutes:


     Mar. 2, 2017
  April 6, 2017    Feb. 2, 2017 

The meeting scheduled for Jan. 5, 2017 was canceled.


   Dec. 1, 2016    Oct. 6, 2016    August 4, 2016    June 2, 2016
   Nov. 3, 2016    Sept. 1, 2016    July 7, 2016  

 Broadband Open House Oct. 19, 16
More than 25 residents attended the meeting on Oct. 19 to discuss community broadband in Loveland. To read the meeting notes click on the meeting notice above. 

Broadband Community Task Force Members:

Loveland’s broadband exploration is being undertaken by a group of community members. Residents who have questions about the process, or comments about its progress, are welcome to contact Task Force members.

Mindy McCloughan - Chair
Loveland Chamber of Commerce
President and CEO 
Josh Smith
Thompson School District
Director of Information Technology 
Jason Frisbie
Platte River Power Authority
General Manager
Paul Langfield
Vice President of Information Technology
Dave Kavanagh
LUC Board member
Managing Partner
KavaCom Consulting
Julie Klein
McKee Medical Center
Chief Operating Officer
Fernando Pedroza
Medical Center of the Rockies
Director of Information Security
Doug Rutledge
Loveland Downtown Partnership
Downtown Development Association
Richard F. Toftness
Made In Loveland
Joe Wilson
Platte River Power Authority
General Counsel

City Council Liaison:

John Fogle Mayor Pro Tem  E-mail: Phone: 970-679-7649

City of Loveland Staff Liaisons:

Brieana Reed-Harmel, Sr. Electrical Engineer
Loveland Water and Power
Phone: 962-3592

Kim O’Field, Technical Specialist
Loveland Water and Power
Phone: 962-3365

Tom Hacker, Public Information Officer
City of Loveland
Phone: 962-2302


Documents posted here offer great depth of detail regarding how our exploration will be conducted. Some are quite large, offering complex and, in some cases, highly technical information. Others are simpler and more accessible. Each link describes the material and offers a reason for posting it here. As the broadband exploration continues, additional information will be posted here in a timely manner.

Report from City staff: Loveland City Council at a study session meeting on Feb. 9, 2016, will receive an informational presentation from the City’s broadband team on progress and options. Below are descriptions of the report’s pieces, and underlined links to each of them.

Broadband Communities Magazine discusses different paths taken by four communities in providing better broadband connectivity for residents in this August/September 2016 article. Click on the link below to read the article: 

• Six-page memo to City Council offers a useful outline of the report’s comprehensive content. 

• City’s Request for Proposals from firms qualified to study and assess broadband feasibility. The selected firm, working under requirements spelled out in the request, must deliver to the City a detailed plan that identifies all options for delivery of “Next Generation” broadband services in our

Calendar and timeline, describing tasks and marks milestones for Loveland’s broadband team.