Emergency Communication Outlets

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City of Loveland Emergency Information Communication Outlets 

The following are all of the City of Loveland's information outlets that are regularly used to communicate information to the public. All of these information outlets would also be where residents could find up-to-date information in the event of an emergency.

Being familiar with these information sources and knowing where to go for information when an emergency occurs helps residents quickly get the information they need, reduces anxiety during an emergency and minimizes the possibility of receiving incorrect information.


  • Non-Emergency Police: (970) 667-2151
  • Infoline/Call Center: (970) 962-2020 (Infoline: recorded messages with information pertaining to the emergency, or Call Center: staffed with information providers during designated call hours)


RADIO - 1610 AM Radio: City’s AM radio station

TELEVISION - Cable Channel 16: City cable TV channel 

Don't be scared--Be prepared! 

Being prepared for emergencies is everyone's responsibility and can make a big difference when faced with a very serious emergency. The City of Loveland's Office of Emergency Management urges Loveland residents to make an emergency response plan for themselves and their families. Learn more about preparing for emergencies.


The Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority (LETA) is an emergency notification system that alerts residents to emergencies in their area.  

Anyone can sign up and enter whatever device they want to receive alerts on; cell phones, a text device, email address, fax number, home phone number and/or work phone number. In addition, users can sign up to receive an alert at multiple addresses within Larimer County.

The LETA Emergency Notification system is used for emergency situations - defined as imminent or potential threats to life and/or property and may include but are not limited to; 

Missing endangered child (Amber alert) 
Missing endangered adult
Wild fire
Natural gas leak 
Severe weather (cloud rotation, large hail with cloud rotation, tornado warning)
Police activity that would require an evacuation or  need for residents to take shelter

To register, visit LETA at